Saturday, January 2, 2016

On Television and New Year's

Good morrow, friends! (Or good evening! It's evening right now.) I am a bit late--cough, cough--but Happy New Year!

Unfortunately, I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that it is now 2016, because I'm still in November. A few gallons of ginger ale and a lot of noise followed by a ten/eleven-hour drive hasn't helped much.

We spent the past week in Nashville. New Year's Eve brought on, oddly enough, a Twilight Zone marathon that continued into the next day. Oddlier enough, (yes, oddlier is a word now) I found out that I'm a better actor than I thought. I mean, anything is better than that one guy who was gaping around like a fish and not even trying to look afraid.

(Later on, I flipped some channels and found that The Return of the King was playing. {Thank God for that gracious happening!} Not the extended edition, but when I'm away from home I can't be picky. It was better than Twilight Zone or HGTV. I ended the night in peace and tears.)

Anyway, the point is that I had an awesome week full of headaches and backaches and emotion, and once I get my mind straight again I'll realize that I just rambled about my television tastes during a Happy-New-Year post. Then I'll probably be really embarrassed and delete the post. I've done that before. All that to say, I hope the rest of you actually feel like it's a new year, and I hope you enjoy that fact. May the following year be filled with joy and weeping and fireworks.

Grace and peace,


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