Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Pieces of Today, Jan. 13th 2016

1. A now fixed computer and getting used to typing on my own keyboard again.

2. "The gates of heaven are fearful gates, worse than the gates of hell." 

3. (And I love her.) 

4. Starburst. (Red is my favorite, but I also like pink. Apparently this is an unpopular opinion.)

5. Those bic ballpoint pens that nobody ever buys but everybody has.

6. First time playing pool and knowing the rules. (It turned out to be very fun. New favorite game.)

7. Dirty feet.

8. Playing basketball and totally failing.

9. Singing out the door in a public place and getting caught.

10. Too-long nails and accidental scratchings. 

1 comment:

  1. Wha...what? Is that a Chesterton quote I see up there? I just read that a couple of days ago while I was working on my blog! In fact, my blog title comes from the poem that that does.