Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Pieces of Today, Mar. 16th 2016

1. Jed's Hobbit Rock: A reminder from my brother that I have promised to be a hobbit for my birthday, and give gifts to others instead of receiving them.

2. (Pack your things; leave somehow. Blackbird's song is over now.) 

3. Sunlight on irises and green-carpeted ground. 

4. The very first few Indian Paintbrush. 

5. (So if you see me smilin' it's because I got you to love.) 

6. (Tell everyone I'm coming home soon.) 

7. Lamplight on copper-beige fabric. 

8. Raskolniki. 

9. (Can we sail to Spain, just me and you?) 

10. Preparations for my upcoming BAPTISM, a very exciting epoch in my life this far. Praise God for the great mercy, grace, and love He has showered on me in order to get me this far! 

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