Monday, January 4, 2016

Pieces of Today, Jan. 4th 2016

1. A Bourne marathon and a lukewarm meal.

2. Long debates on (and I quote) "the philosophical/theoretical rightness of Star Wars!"

3. Russian mumbling and wide eyes.

4. Really, really stupid decisions.

5. Responsibility and chores and school and room-cleaning.

6. Ladybug-vacuuming and a whole lot of disgust on my part. (For future reference, I hate ladybugs with all my heart, soul, and gut. There was a lot of shouts coming from the vacuumed area, some of which sounded suspiciously like 'Die! Die, you infidel creatures!')

7. (Tell your father and your mother, we are going home.)

8. Old nail polish chipping and cold feet under a woolen blanket.

9. {gasping}

10. A headache, a backache, and bitter smile that's trying hard to be sweet. (How often do you snap at someone without reason when everything is fine, but strive to please them when you have a legitimate excuse for your pain?)

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